Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Funny article in PI re: Boone

After writing last night the M's wouldn't release Boone, I laughed when I read this in the PI- link

About the rumors of him being released-

"I think there's about zero chance of that happening," Boone said.

Pretty cocky stuff for a guy making $9 million next year and hitting around the Mendoza line for most of the year. But that's the difference between John and Bret. Boonie's all about attitude, and he really seems to think he can pull out of his slump.

"I haven't gotten to the point where I'm going to call this a bad year," Boone said. "I still think there is time to turn it around. And I think there's a good chance I'll have a real good comeback year next year."

Hear that M's FO? Bret thinks there's a good chance he'll earn his money next year. Time will tell. While the M's might dismiss the Gammons report, the fact is there is ZERO trade value for Boone. I wonder if Bret's agent or inner circle knows that, or cares. Meanwhile, Bret apparently isn't losing any sleep on his poor start contributing to the M's being where they are.

Meanwhile, I'm shocked our good buddy Hiram is getting DFA to make room for Bobby Madritsch. This is a good move by the M's, but yet another sign how disastrous the Carlos Guillen trade was.

I'll let this play out before passing judgement, but I can't imagine this will look good in the future- Santiago for Guillen.

Note- Correction: Thanks to Mariners Wheelhouse for the correction. Bocachica was signed as a free agent, and Gonzalez was the second player for Guillen.