Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Garcia would have stayed in Seattle

I've already been finding fans coming to the conclusion since Freddy signed with Chicago, that clearly meant he was not going to re-sign with the Mariners. Which means Bavasi made the right move by trading him.

This is stupid thinking of the worst kind.

Sure, he might not have, but you can't base it on the fact he signed with Chicago. Freddy signed a contract with Chicago because... <---- insert drumroll

Chicago offered him a contract!!

Freddy has been to arbitration with the M's because they wouldn't offer him a long term deal. So here comes Chicago with a contract in front of him and he signs it. Where's the big conspiracy folks?

If Freddy didn't want to sign with Seattle, there are plenty of good reasons. Lincoln, no contract offer, Lincoln, arbitration, Lincoln, Guillen shipped off, Lincoln, Jarvis coming in from the 'pen ...

But the biggest reason Garcia is gone is because the M's didn't want him. They had the money, he liked his teammates, he liked the city, he felt comfortable. Garcia could have been an M for life for all we know. The fact he accepted a 3 year deal is even more amazing- that fits right into the M's plan of not taking on big contracts.

It's a little like Randy Johnson. You can say he was leaving for Arizona, but you'll never know what would have happened if the M's FO made him feel important and ACTUALLY OFFERED HIM A CONTRACT.

He clearly wanted to be paid like his peers, and feel wanted.

Chicago made a contract offer.
Seattle did not make a contract offer.

To conclude he wanted out is simply silly.

Note- I'm not saying the M's shouldn't have traded Freddy. They really didn't have any choice, but that's a whole 'nother story.