Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Melvin getting a free pass?

So yet another team loses a manager due to a disappointing season- Jimy Williams

The Astros fire their manager in part because they expected to contend this year, and instead find themselves a .500 team.

In contrast, the M's expected to contend (FO anyway) and have one of the worst records in baseball. The M's would have to go on one of the biggest winning streaks in team history just to sniff .500, and yet Melvin has his contract extended.

I'm not saying fire Melvin mid-season, but it is clear the M's FO has a different mindset then other teams. What I'd like to see is the M's take a little bit more of an aggressive approach to winning. If you produce, you stay. If you don't, you go. I've asked this before, but what has Bob Melvin done in 1 1/2 years that shows you he has what it takes to lead this team? If the M's don't play hard the entire second half, Bob must go.


On a different note, we all know the talk around trading Boone will heat up big time. Right now he is probably the leading veteran to get traded, along with Myers.

Now before you look at trading scenarios for what you'd get for Boone, first look at why you would want to trade him.
- He's had a terrible season
- He's been fighting injuries all year
- He's dealing with family issues
- He's getting older
- He's going to make $9 million next year

Now ask yourself how many teams are willing to overlook all the above. I've said it before, but VERY few teams are taking on $9 million contracts for next year. The Yankees are of course one of the first to jump to mind that would.

Quick look at AL teams in the race who might make a move for Boone:
Yankees- could use a 2nd baseman
A's- no chance
Angels- money not an issue, have prospects, in the division
Texas- no chance
Minnesota- no chance
White Sox- no chance
Red Sox- offense presently not the problem, seems unlikely

The one that really jumps out at you is the Yankees. Here's the most likely scenario where I could see Boone going to the Yankees:

1) Someone besides the Yankees gets Randy Johnson in the AL
2) George screams at Cashman to make a countermove
3) The Yanks offense cools, and the Red Sox get within half a dozen games
4) Cashman looks at the roster, and sees the only glaring need besides pitching is second base
5) The M's find someone to dump next years salary, and deal Boone for whatever the yanks have lying around

I don't see any scenario where the M's get anything of real value. It's the classic addition by subtraction.

Let me know your predictions.