Mariners Analysis

Monday, July 12, 2004

While the M's ponder the second half of the season

It's clear the M's brass are sitting down right now and are about to make some key decisions. While we can speculate on what those decisions will be, that's all we are doing- speculating.

Who will be added to the 40 man roster? Has Meche been traded? Are the M's really going into the second half of the year with Willie as their SS? Are the M's serious about reducing Olerud's playing time? Will they sit Boone in the second half to keep him under 450 AB's? Will they steup up the effort to trade Boone?

I found it interesting Melvin indicates Leone will be playing 3rd base, not SS. So where does that leave our current 3rd baseman, and his 3-year contract?

Lots and lots of questions.


I'm guessing Boone's days are numbered. I know I have stated Boone's trade value is next to zero, and I still believe that. But if Cirillo can be traded, anyone can, so look for more Boone rumors to pop-up. The M's will throw money they have to make it happen.

I look for Olerud to sit on the bench more and more.

I look for Martinez retirement talks to heat up.

And I see the M's losing a ton of games the second half. Triple digit losses- catch the excitement.