Mariners Analysis

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Will the M's lose 100 games this year?

Texas is sure looking good this year. I am still amazed at their pitching, and I would have to say are the biggest surprise of the year.

Let's see, last night Freddy pitched poorly but got the win any way. Boston lost to NY again, and Clint pitched so poorly he was sent down afterward.

Oh yeah, and our new catcher had kidney stones removed.

Meanwhile, the M's are just getting embarrassed by good teams. Since it is highly unlikely this team will be scoring any runs this year, 100 losses seems like a distinct possibility. Will Boone and Olerud start hitting in the second half? Will it matter?

Finally, this team needs to send down Mateo, Putz or someone. Bring up Sherrill please. Let's try and reward good performance in the minors at least once this year, okay?

On that note, Travis Blackley represents the cream of the crop of our young starters (outside of Felix of course). If he pitches well, there is a good chance reloading is the correct prognosis for this team, instead of rebuilding.