Mariners Analysis

Friday, August 06, 2004

Anyone explain why Scott Spiezio plays?

Scott Spiezio is basically Cirillo with a little more power:

.208/ .283/ .345/ .629

I know Melvin likes to get Martinez SOME playing time, but leaving Jacobsen out of the lineup for Scott Spiezio makes me crazy. It reminds me a little bit of Mark McLemore during his last year in Seattle- his numbers clearly showed he was a bench/utility player, but he received way more playing time than his numbers warranted.

Bucky's current line:

.313/ .413/ .625/ 1.038

Or pehaps Melvin figures Bucky is so bad in the field, anything other than DH is simply not an option. I didn't think we'd reached that point yet- do you think Bucky should be allowed to play first? I just don't see how you play a game like last night and leave your best hitter on the bench.

I guess Melvin figures Spiezio will play his way out of it, but I don't think his performance is good enough to just keep running him out there.