Mariners Analysis

Monday, August 02, 2004

Back from vacation, where to start...

Boy, you go on vacation during the trading deadline, so many topics- let's see, Giambi's got cancer, Olerud is going to NY (Family issues??), Contreras traded, Nomar, Dodgers, Cubs, ...

At least we don't have to waste a bunch of time talking about all those moves the M's made.


Before I left, I hoped the M's would play .500 ball. Instead, the losing has permeated the clubhouse and the M's find a way to lose game after game. Overall, I think it is fair to say the pitching on this team stinks.

So, this has caused many fans to realize the M's need to be shopping for one, and probably 2 quality arms in the off-season.

If you buy the argument the M's need to go after a couple of pitchers, this means:
- less funds for position players the M's desperately need
- less funds for a big-time bat (ie: power) the M's desperately need
- more chance the M's screw up during the off-season by randomly picking up guys and in general overpaying

During an interview with KJR, Bavasi said he is looking for a Freddy Garcia-type pitcher. Let's look at Freddy's numbers so far: 3.35 ERA, 156 IP, 131 SO, BB 43

If he keeps this up, he'll certainly end up with one of the better seasons for a pitcher in the AL. If you think you have identified a FA pitcher available this upcoming winter with similiar numbers and upside, let's hear it. Not much right now excites me.

One completely bullshit statement by Bavasi- that Garcia wouldn't have come back. Garcia has flat-out said if the M's would have offered him a similiar contract, he would be back. I'm more inclined to believe Garcia on this one, and again the M's back themselves in a corner by never offering an actual real-life contract.

Instead, they are left with a tired argument that the agent said they were looking for fill-in-the-blank money and they couldn't afford it.

I guess what I'm getting at is I don't see a lot of good pitchers available as FA's that excite me, and the M's don't have much to trade.

Some fans seem to think a $95 million paroll will mean no long rebuilding plan. Given the sorry state of the current team (is there anything positive about the current group?) it will take an incredible off-season for the M's to be anything other than the 4th best team in the AL West next year.