Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bobby best reason to watch tonights game

It will be fun to see if he can keep up his better-than-expected pitching performance against the Royals. The other reason to watch is of course Ichiro, who can't continue to hit .480 right? Or can he... And we can watch to see if Leone can cut down on his strikeouts, and if Bucky can smash another home run, and -- well, there are plenty of reasons to watch I guess.


Meanwhile, a lot of people are focusing on Scott Rolen as MVP in the National League. Certainly he is having an MVP-caliber season, and if it wasn't for Bonds he would be a good choice. But with Pujols coming on strong, I'm not certain he's the Cardinals MVP.

to date:
.330 / .414 /.617 /1.030

.324 /.407 /.653 /1.060

Pujols leads Rolen in Runs, Home Runs, Slugging Percentage, Hits and OPS.

Rolen has gotten the most attention because the leads the majors in RBI's and plays for a team with the best record. For many writers, that's their basis for making a decision- best slugger on best team.

Of course Rolen plays great defense, and that will be brought up by Rolen backers.

For me, I'd pick Pujols. He's been more consistent in his career- every year he's fantastic. For Rolen, this is the first year he's really lived up to all his hype.

Who would you vote for MVP if Bonds was not an option- Rolen or Pujols?

(Of course Bonds is an option, and Pujols and Rolen will likely steal votes from each other leading Bonds to rightfully win. Meanwhile, the Cardinals are the best hope for not seeing the Yankees win a WS ring this year...)