Mariners Analysis

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Carlos Tosca fired as manager

In the midst of a disappointing season, the Jays fired Tosca

Interesting quote by Neyer:
"So the Blue Jays fired their manager, just as they'd have fired any other unproven manager of a team like this one."

So the Jays were expected to be good, but instead play poorly and are now finding ways to lose a game. Sound familiar? Did the M's underperform this year, or were they simply not very good from the start. I'm not campaigning for Melvin to get axed in the next couple of weeks, but it's clear this team is finding ways to lose. Scoring as few a runs as they have against Tampa is simply unacceptable. Are the M's playing through the motions right now?

I really felt the M's at some point would level off and play .500 ball for some time. That has simply not happened. Instead, the M's have played like one of the worst teams in baseball pretty much the whole year (discounting the brief stretch when they played equally bad teams).

Meanwhile, Scott Spiezio went 2 for 13 against Tampa and is hitting .206...