Mariners Analysis

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Do you think Boras called Villone after last nights game?

"Mr. MVP" for the M's had a rough night last night- I wonder if Bavasi was watching. I'm sure Villone's agent, Scott Boras has seem the line and jotted down a mental note: The next time Villone is due to pitch against the Yankees while I discuss his contract, he mysteriously comes up with flu-like symptoms...

Speaking of which, I go to the game last night expecting to see A-Rod and Olerud and get to see neither! A-Rod was out with the flu Villone wishes he had, and Tony Clark got the start against Villone.

So we saw that the Yankees are really, really good, even at less than full strength. And the M's are really, really bad.

Perhaps Moyer can make tonights game a little more enjoyable.