Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hitting for cycle- does anyone care?

ESPN is reporting yet another player hitting for the cycle- link

The question is, does anyone care? I personally have never understood the fascination with hitting for the cycle. It is a silly stat: as a player I wouldn't give a rats-a** if I hit one or not. I'd take hitting three home runs any day of the week. Or how about 6 RBI's over hitting for the cycle with 2. Or ...

I'm sure most players are just glad they are hitting the ball well and hope it carries over to the next game. Being in the stands to see a cycle doesn't make my top-100 things I'd want to see at a ball game, but that's just me.


The M's hit the ball well tonight- I am stuck at work and didn't get to see the game, and am wondering why Leone was pulled for Melvinquist. Was Leone hurt? I'm sure I'll find out in the morning, but I sure hope Melvin had a good reason.


Bobby pitched well again tonight. He walked more than we'd like to see, and he did it against the Kansas City Royals, but he is one of the few bright spots on this teams pitching staff.


The NY papers are already speculating on the changes the Yanks will make when they sign Carlos Beltran. I suppose it is crazy to even think the M's have a shot, but if the M's are smart they will make an attempt regardless.