Mariners Analysis

Friday, August 06, 2004

M's finally get good pitching

It had been so long since the M's got good pitching it was hard to remember this was supposed to be the M's strength going into the season. The only reason I thought the M's would win 86 games coming into the season was due to their starting pitching. After about two months of some of the most ugly pitching we've seen since the early 90's, the M's finally show something.

The optimist in me found a couple of things to like about last nights game. Bucky Jacobsen's plate discipline is really something to see. With Olerud gone and Edgar's best days behind him, he probably has the best eye for pitches on the team.

Bobby Madritsch of course pitched great. It's only one game, but if other callups see his success, I believe it can only help push the rest of them. Overall the Tacoma pitchers have been a great disappointment, but there is time for several of them to step up and give us some hope for next year.

Jose Lopez has shown potential. It is of course his callup that helped move Aurilia off the club, who signed with San Diego, who released Cirillo as a result.

USS Mariner is reporting Mike Myers has been traded to Boston for essentially nothing. We kept hearing there was interest for Myers from New York. I'm a little disappointed the M's couldn't have got anything for him. They might has well have just outright released him, for all they will get is not paying his salary the rest of the year. He had no real use on the club anymore, so I'm glad he's gone. The youth movement continues.

BTW- I feel bad for Jamal Strong. The guy has played well in Tacoma, and appears to have no future with the club. Perhaps September will see him get up here, but I doubt he'll see much time. It's too bad Melvin can't find a use him- he would probably be the best base stealer on the club, and would seem to be a great pinch runner who could give Winn, Ibanez and Ichiro needed days off.

Update: I see that Jamal is out with a bad hamstring. Even so, Melvin was recently quoted as saying he has no plans to get him in the lineup, so it would appear his best chance would be hooking up with another club.