Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

M's now just going through the motions

It's pretty obvious the Mariner veterans are already planning off-season vacations. This team has little life right now, and it's getting worse. This team is now farther behind than any team since 1983!! That's right, Bob Melvin is looking up at Bill Plummer et al. There are some bad teams we've watched over the years, and NO ONE could have predicted the kind of year we've had.

Recap of some of our key players this year-

Garcia- traded
Piniero- out for the season
Meche- half the season in AAA
Franklin- hasn't won last 15 starts
Aurilia- cut before All Star break
Spiezio- suffers from Cirilloitis
Olerud- cut
Ibanez- misses much of season with injury
Boone- worst season as Mariner
Davis- jettisoned
Wilson- downward trend continues
Borders- on the major league club yet again
McCracken- cut
Guardado- out for year
Mateo- out for most of year
Soriana- out til '06

I mean the list goes on and on. This club is packed with player after player who is underperforming. The club that won 116 games will now almost certainly lose 100 only 3 years later.

What will happen when the M's play AL West teams fighting for playoff spots in September? It's going to be a bloodbath for M's fans. Edgar, you retired one year too late I'm afraid.

I now predict Bavasi will bring back Melvin next year. Why?

Because this team is going to be bad next year too, and if Bavasi brings in a new manager, the bullseye will be squarely on him. By letting Melvin struggle with the team in his final year, Bavasi buys another year to get this team straightened out.

Sorry to be so negative, but this team STINKS.