Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

M's offensive struggles continue

As I sit here, the M's have managed three hits against Bell in 7 innings. This is after getting shut out yesterday by a pitcher who'd never started a major league game.

We all know the M's offense is terrible, but with Leone out and Bucky not playing tonight, look at the lineup-
I Suzuki- red hot
R Winn- hitting .277 in August
E Martinez -playing well this month
R Ibanez - playing well this month
B Boone- .236 in August
S Spiezio- automatic out
D Wilson- ice cold
J Lopez - rookie hitting .220
W Bloomquist - low-average singles hitter

Basically we have 2 singles hitters to start, 2 slow, injury prone doubles hitters and then 5 pretty much automatic outs.

That's what pitchers face when they pitch to our lineup.

Combined with our bullpen and starting rotation.... sigh.