Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

OMG- Ichiro on unbelievable streak

While wondering a few hours ago if Ichiro can keep hitting, all he does is open the game with a home run. Let's see, right now he's 4-4 with 5 RBI's.

He is so on fire right now- those that questioned if he had lost a step couldn't have been more wrong. I personally apoligize for wondering to myself earlier if he might have, but I didn't write an article in the PI about it or anything...

Several people have begun wondering if Ichiro could come close to .400 this year. I immediately dismissed it, but if he keeps this up through August, we have to at least start crunching the numbers to see what it would take.

The M's can't play .500, but if Ichiro can hit at that clip he will give us one more reason to care about September.