Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Starting pitchers for next year?

A while back I wondered who Bavasi would target during the offseason. Given the poor performance of the Tacoma boys, it seems pretty clear the M's will be in the market for 1 and probably 2 starters for '05.

The number 1 response I heard back on Bavasi favorites was Brad Radke. He is in the last year of his contract with the Twins and is having a solid season. If the market holds up this winter I would expect him to make $7-9 million. Certainly the M's can afford him, but I'm guessing the Twins hold on to him unless the money gets crazy.

Contreras was mentioned next- the M's have always had an eye on him, and could probably work something out with Chicago. Again, we run into the age old problem of who the M's have to trade that a team would find valuable.

Matt Clement was number three. He has a losing record with the Cub's but has been pitching well. He's reasonably young, averages a strikeout an inning and has a 3.29 ERA. He's got to be worth at least as much as Radke to a team, and might get $9 million.

Personally, a starting rotation with Moyer, Pineiro, Radke and Clement would make this team a playoff caliber team, IMO. The problem is finding enough money for the bat and improved defense you need. Not to mention the difficulty the M's will face in attracting free agents next year- we don't have a great history in Seattle of big signings. If you're not from this area, Seattle might as well be Siberia to some players. The M's are going to have to flash some cash to make noise this winter. Not exactly what Lincoln wants to hear.

So Martinez just hit a home run in the first- Ichiro started the game with a base hit. Wow, the M's with a lead. Back to the game...