Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bonds impossible to like

The much anticipated Barry Bonds press conference came and went yesterday. I of course say that with much sarcasm, as I had no sense of anticipation at all. We all knew Bonds would be a jerk, and he responded in the way he knows best.

Can anyone listen to Barry during his conferences and actually still have doubts the man used steroids?

Having asked if he used steroids, he responds:

"I'm not a child. You repeat those things to children and then eventually they tell you. I don't."

Translation- I'll never rat on myself. Or maybe you can't trick me the same way Greg did into using steroids. Or maybe... who knows, he can't actually answer anything truthfully, which is why he keeps getting asked the same questions.

Asked if he has been completely honest:

"All of you guys have lied, should you have an asterisk behind your name? ... "

Translation- everybody lies, so who cares.

Wow, I love this guy. Angry. Defiant. Dishonest.

Guess what Barry- I'll never come running up to you for an autograph. I'll never buy one of your jerseys. I'll never chant your name at a ballpark, or tell you how great I think you are. You don't have my support, and I hope you go away as soon as possible.