Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

NY Times article on Giambi contract

We all know the Canseco book will be largely forgotten by next week, but until then, let's continue to look into the allegatations. I reported earlier on a story that the Yankees almost certainly had reason to be suspicious of Giambi, but signed him anyway.

Immediately after the NY Times reported the story, Cashman and others blasted it as incorrect. Today the Times blasts back- story (reg required)

"If nothing else, ask the question: "Jason, your request raises questions in our minds. If you want no references to steroids in your contract, does that mean you use or are thinking of using steroids? If so, we'd like to know because even though the collective bargaining agreement doesn't prohibit steroids, we are the Yankees and we play clean. We'd like your home runs and your runs batted in, but not if they are chemically produced."

I'm guessing when all is said and done, just about every player in baseball will be clean this year for the first time in a LONG time. The fear of going through what Giambi is facing will keep the needles away.

Anyone want to bet no on hits 50 homers this year?