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Friday, March 18, 2005

McGwire tells truth

Mark McGwire took the stand yesterday, under oath, and told the truth. Did Sammy Sosa? No idea. We know he used a corked bat, but no proof on steroids. It was funny watching him pretend he can't speak English though. Canseco? Admitted he took steroids, and has changed his tune on their use, acknowledging they are bad. Good for him. Congratulate him for doing it; would you rather have him continue to preach their benefits? In one of the funniest moments, he remarked he must have been the only baseball player who ever took steroids.

Why did Mark McGwire tell the truth? Because he is a good person, and a bad liar. Unlike other people in the room, he knew he couldn't stand up there and lie. It would hurt him personally to do it, and it would be obvious to everyone watching he was lying. Much like Giambi, he understands he did something wrong, and now wishes he hadn't. He wants to come clean, but for different reasons, neither can.

So both Giambi and McGwire have to dance around the question regarding their steroid use. As Giambi's brother said, you'd have to be an idiot not to understand he (Jason) all but admitted as much in his press conference this year. But for contract reasons, he couldn't come right out and say it ($82 million reasons why he can't).

I know it shocks Tony La Russa (article ) to see McGwire refusing to answer a question he has already answered before. However, it is quite simple for the rest of us. We understand there is a world of difference to deny steroid use when a reporter comes by your locker, and quite another to do it under oath in front of Congress. McGwire is a good person who would feel sick for years knowing he lied. Coming right after parents talking about losing their child, there is simply no way McGwire was going to lie about his steroids use. Bonds could look you in the eye and ramble on about Lord knows what, but McGwire doesn't have that ability. He wasn't going to lie, and he doesn't want to become the new poster child for steroid use, so he simply refuses to answer the question. It's quite simple.

Just about everybody reading this site knows who Arnold Schwarzenegger is. A premier bodybuilder during the '70's, he denied repeatedly ever using steroids. As a casual lifter in the '80's, I read his books and followed some of this workout advice. It was common knowledge among everyone in the sport he took them. I knew it, his fans knew it, his competitors knew it. There was no testing in those days, and Arnold grew to a size never before seen.

Today he admits he used steroids. Time has passed, and for a number of reasons he was able to admit the truth publicly.

In time, McGwire will do the same.

If you think McGwire didn't use steroids, or feel you don't have enough information, you are simply incredibly naive.


The only reason baseball has the current policy in place, as weak as it is, can be attributed to public pressure and Congress.

Sad but true.

In the first year of steroids testing, when everybody and their dog knew testing was taking place, almost 100 players couldn't bring themselves to stop taking it. That works out to roughly 3 players per team. Any guesses on which M's players were on the juice?

McGwire used steroids. He told you that yesterday.

Were you listening?

Or simply don't care...