Mariners Analysis

Thursday, March 31, 2005

M's making poor moves

The M's front office is having a crazy time deciding on their roster, and I don't like some of the recent moves. Along with insisting on taking 12 pitchers on Opening Day, the front office has left questions regarding SS and the outfield.

Let's look at some of the recent moves:

Jeff Nelson- I didn't want the M's to keep Jeff Nelson last year, when they were coming off a 93 win season. He was old, and clearly losing control and velocity. Nelson of course signed with Texas, where he was both ineffective and hurt. He displayed exactly the qualities the M's feared when they thought about bringing him back. So after losing 99 games last year, what in the world can Nelson possibly bring to the table that would cause you to put him on the roster? He's 38 years old, and is a one-year option at best. I guess Shiggy and Eddie can't contribute enough experience in the bullpen, so we need to add an aging reliever who had a terrible spring?? It's just makes no sense to me.

Backup to Reese- we have wondered all spring who will back up our most injury prone infielder. The M's kept a couple of marginal fielders around, and now have sent them down. We still have no idea who is starting Opening Day? Reese still can't play 4 days before the opener. Hargrove has to be worried, right? There must be a move coming, because right now one of the most obvious situations has been ignored.

Abraham Nunez- claimed off waivers from KC. Let's get this straight. The M's have a solid outfield in Winn, Ichiro and Reed. They have a player in Ibanez who WANTS to play the outfield. So they claim Nunez from the powerhouse Royals who can't find a place for him?? We were supposed to have a glut in outfielders, and the M's send down guys like Strong who would seem to be ideal 25th man candidates. Cheap, runs well, promoted from within organization. Reed and Ichiro would seem to be long-term outfielders. The M's have TWO major league LF's on the roster. What's the thinking here?

George Sherrill- pitched well last year in majors. Apparently not enough for Bavasi and crew.

We have to assume more moves are coming before Monday. I guess we give Bavasi the benefit of the doubt until the Opener, because recent moves are simply baffling.