Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Poor Bonds

Bonds has knee surgery, and today comes out and tells reporters he might miss the season. The Giants front office all week has been saying he might miss the opener, but Bonds has apparently clarified for us that they mean NEXT season.

I'm sure most of us see this for what it is- Bonds attempt to deflect attention from his steroids use and overall skeletons.

This week, Bonds has the fallout of the congressional hearings, more leaked testimony, an ex-girlfriend make headlines and now possible tax issues about autograph revenue.

His homelife has to suck a little. His wife can't like hearing about Bonds buying a house for a women, and his kids hate seeing Mom and Dad fight. Meanwhile the guy has to face more rehab after his 3rd knee surgery in three months, and then he's got this Ruth thing to deal with...

He's going to get paid his umpteen million dollars this year no matter what he does, so Bonds tries to play the sympathy angle. I'll just sit out, collect my millions and let some of this stuff blow over. Hopefully someone will feel sorry for me.

He can try and be nice, but few will buy it.

I know I'm not. I'd just as soon see Bonds go away and hope he never takes the field again.