Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sele and Nelson officially make team

For those of us that want the M's to do well this year, the fact both pitchers make the team reminds us how much work remains.

Our starting pitching is exactly the same as last years 99 loss team that ended the season, except we've replaced Ryan Franklin with Aaron Sele. The same Sele who was in so much demand during the offseason he had to sign a minor-league contract. We can only hope Sele is a short-term band-aid until Felix joins the club.

And Nelson is finished as an effective reliever. Does anyone think he will pitch effectively this year? I don't. I thought the M's did the right thing when they jettisoned Rhodes and Nelson last year. Now we bring him back, after an ineffective year in Texas? The guys 37 and coming off an injury. What are they hoping, they can squeeze one more year out of him? I'm not sure he ends the year in a uniform.

It's not a surprise, we knew they were making the team, but today still reminds us how much Bavasi has ignored the pitching.