Mariners Analysis

Monday, March 21, 2005

Steroids fallout continues

I notice some people seem to be sick of the steroids issue. There also are people who think Congress should have no business investigating steroid use in sports. And finally, there are actually people who still want to give Bonds and McGwire the benefit of the doubt when it comes to steroids.

What's more interesting right now as a baseball fan? The fact the single most recognizable record in baseball (home runs) is in doubt? Or the fact Jeff Nelson has a spring ERA over 7?

People will continue to talk about steroids, but it will diminish when the season starts. It's human nature.

-Rumor has it McGwire is being investigated by 60 Minutes for his steroid use. Think that has anything to do with the non-answers he gave last Thursday? The evidence will grow against McGwire.

- Bonds has an ex-girlfriend fingering him for using steroids. Bonds looks to almost certainly be found guilty of steroid use before his playing days are over. She says he gave her $80,000, he says not. This will easily be proven one way or the other...

Baseball ignored the steroid issue for too long, and now it's paying the price.

It is simple, and is the way it should be.