Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Trade Spiezio?

This is more about getting this off my chest- I occasionally see writers talking about trading Scott Spiezio. This reminds me of rumors last year about trading Bret Boone.

Let's get everyone on the same page: There is NO chance Scott Spiezio gets traded.


You couldn't trade Spiezio if you included Felix in the deal (well okay, maybe).

But seriously, the only way the M's are able to trade him is if they took something equally terrible in return. And there is no way that is going to happen; Bavasi has proven he is not that bad of a GM.

If a guy is a cancer or just rubs fans the wrong way (e.g. a certain player who used to play 3rd base for the M's two years ago) you might decide to trade garbage for garbage, so to speak. However, Spiezio is a nice guy who doesn't ruffle feathers. He tries hard, and if the M's lose 99 games this year it's doubtful anyone will blame him for it.

Even if Spiezio hits .350 off the bench, no one will want him. He is getting on in age, and has no upside whatsoever. He is an ok bench player for the league minimum, but is un-tradable at the wage the M's are paying him. I have no doubt if he hits like he did last year, the M's will simply release him.

So please sportswriters, can we please refrain from saying Spiezio and trade in the same sentence?