Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Boston has Rivera's number

(Alex booting ball in 9th)

I don't know what it is with Boston and Rivera, but they sure have some memorable innings. The 9th inning right now is crazy!

Rivera getting pulled in the 9th after Boston scores 5 runs. Alex makes a critical error! This is classic stuff right now. No idea who wins, but you never know what will happen in the 9th when these two teams meat.

You don't see this often when Rivera takes the mound with a one run lead-

-Mariano Rivera pitches to Bill Mueller
-B Mueller walked.
-Mariano Rivera pitches to Mark Bellhorn
-M Bellhorn singled to right, B Mueller to second.
-Mariano Rivera pitches to Johnny Damon
-J Damon singled to right, B Mueller to third, M Bellhorn to second.
-Mariano Rivera pitches to Trot Nixon
-T Nixon struck out swinging.
-Mariano Rivera pitches to Manny Ramirez
-M Ramirez safe at first on error by third baseman A Rodriguez, B Mueller scored, M Bellhorn to third, J Damon to second.
-Mariano Rivera pitches to David Ortiz
-D Ortiz grounded out to pitcher, M Bellhorn scored, J Damon to third, M Ramirez to second.
-Mariano Rivera pitches to Dave McCarty
-D McCarty walked.
-Mariano Rivera pitches to Edgar Renteria
-E Renteria singled to shallow left center, J Damon and M Ramirez scored, D McCarty to second.
-Mariano Rivera pitches to Doug Mirabelli
-D Mirabelli walked, D McCarty to third, E Renteria to second.
-Felix Rodriguez pitches to Bill Mueller
-D McCarty scored, E Renteria to third, D Mirabelli to second on wild pitch by F Rodriguez.
-B Mueller struck out looking.