Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Early yet

We all know it is hard to grade this team only one week into the season. However we are baseball junkies so we have to talk about something, right! So one week into the season, we have the same record as the NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox. We are 1 game out of first place. We are tied with Texas and Oakland, and are one KC win away from .500

Things could be worse.

It's not a question of being a pessimist or optimist, because all of the above is true. We just have to agree that 7 games in to the season, we aren't sure what have.

That is the best news of all.

Last year at this time, the team had to thank Arthur Rhodes for their first win. The '04 team was terrible at the beginning of the season. It couldn't pitch, hit or play defense. The '05 team at least shows improvement in ever measurable way compared to last year. This year we are one '9th inning on Saturday' away from being in first place. No matter how you look at it, '05 SO FAR is worlds better than last year.

Injuries are the major concern for the M's right now. These things tend to go in spurts, and hopefully the M's are getting their injuries out of the way now and can look forward to a full roster later in the year.

Let's keep an eye on our minor leagues and see who has stepped up and will become this years Bobby or Bucky. They are out there, and Bavasi needs to spot them ASAP.