Mariners Analysis

Monday, April 18, 2005

Lack of bench troubling

While Sexson battles the flu, the lightweight bench the M's carry is on full display. Over the weekend, fans got to see Dobbs at first, Willie at Center, Spiezio etc... and saw a pitching gem on Saturday wasted.

With Bucky on the bench, this changes things slightly, but he's not and there is nothing to be done until he gets over his knee injury. The complete lack of power AND average off the bench is bordering on incompetence by the FO. With our current group, we have no "defensive" replacement, no speed, no power. Is there anything the current group provides Hargrove in a game besides a warm body?

The FO has to realize Beltre and Sexson WILL get back aches, colds, minor injuries etc... during the season. When that happens, this team offensively looks like last year all over again. I would really like to see Bavasi do something with regards to the bench, because the first 12 games have shown, IT DOES MATTER.

Despite my complaining, a win tonight and the M's are over .500

If you asked me before the season would I take 6-6 at this point in the season, I would in a heartbeat. All in all, the season is going pretty well. It's good to be an M's fan again!