Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

M's hitters need smart at-bats

I've spoken about this before, but the M's have to teach hitters WHEN TO PLAY SMART BASEBALL.

Tonight Bret Boone has two at bats against Drese, and has looked at a grand total of two pitches. When you have a pitcher on the ropes, who is walking people and having control problems, smart baseball says to make the pitcher prove he can throw strikes. I don't have a major problem with Boone swinging at the first pitch ONCE. The second time up, he needs to take some pitches. The idea is to knock out the starting pitcher- get to the bullpen- make the team use up pitchers in the beginning of the series.

When a pitcher is having problems throwing strikes, you take pitches. That is fundamental baseball. And it is missing from the current M's hitting approach.