Mariners Analysis

Monday, May 02, 2005

Big series with Angels

With Anaheim coming to town (like many, I'm not calling them LAA anytime soon) we have one of our first important series of the year. WIth the team losing two close games in Oakland, the M's find themselves again one game below .500 at 12-13. With a little better execution from our batters, as well as our Manager, the M's should instead be riding a nice little winning streak.

Instead they play against the best team in the division, where a sweep would really put the club in a hole. We've all been pretty happy to see this club hang around .500 during the season. With tough series like the Red Sox and Yankees looming this month, the M's have to stop giving away games. If they can take a couple games from the Angels, they would keep themselves right in the thick of the race, despite the complete lack of hitting to date.

All in all, the season has been a success from a fans perspective. Last year the team was already miserable to watch, and not competitive against any of its division rivals. This year we have seen we are every bit as good (or as bad!) as Texas and Oakland. While the A's have young pitching, their offense is simply dreadful. And the Rangers predictably can crush the ball, but have no starting pitching and show cracks in the bullpen.

The Angels are clearly the best team in the division right now. The M's need to stop shooting themselves in the foot, and start getting some production from the bottom half of the order. The starting pitching is a surprise, and the bullpen has been downright good.

No reason not to watch these games. Buy a $7 ticket, get a beer and watch baseball.