Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Borders again?

While the M's continue to play terrible, the M's are pondering what to do with the catching situation. Let's review.

Current catcher- can't catch the ball, or hit.

Did you notice when Wiki was brought up and took time away from Olivo, how all of a sudden he (Olivo) played better afterward? Don't think he didn't notice he was about to spend serious time on the bench while Wiki was playing well.

Competition is a good thing. Bringing Borders up removes any doubt as to who gets playing time. Having Borders catch more than once a week is a total waste of at-bats for a team that needs to develop players.

I'd rather see Rivera get some short-term playing time to continue to send the message to Olivo that you MUST PRODUCE or you will not play. Send the message you'll keep bringing in prospects until someone can catch the ball and hit once in a while.

Meantime, work out a trade for a decent catching prospect. I know Bavasi is loathe to actually make a move, but tough sh*t. This is the situation you are in, and you'd better start working the phones. Are you afraid to break-up one of the worst teams in the AL? No one should be safe on this team if it will improve the club (except Ich of course).

Borders is safe. It also is a waste of time for this organization. Stick with Olivo with no back-up at your own peril.

That is my message to Bavasi and crew.