Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

M's just a bad team

It's like GroundHog Day for M's fans. Every day you get to see the M's lose. They vary the approach from time to time, but in the end you wake up with yet another loss in the paper. Instead of finding ways to win, this team finds ways to lose, which is the classic sign of a bad team.

When they finally hit, the starter stinks.

When they unexpectedly get a good start (Sele), they can't hit.

When they have a lead, the bullpen stinks.

When they need to make a play, somebody makes a critical error.

Last night we saw it all. Lucky pitching by Sele (Yanks were stranding runners like crazy) resulted in the M's actually having a lead. Hargrove, in one of the classic "What in the HELL are you thinking" moments decides to put our newly called up reliever in to face Tino with the bases loaded. Miraculously he comes through, only our first baseman decides to not catch the ball, and we all know what happens next.

Who do you blame? The hitters for not figuring out Wang? Who in his first start gave up 5 runs in 6 innings to Tampa Bay, and yet looks like an All Star against the M's hitters. Is it really that hard to figure out he is throwing low pitches out of the strike zone? While the M's meekly hit ground balls to Cano all night, no one seem to figure out what he was doing.

Do you blame Sexson for dropping the ball?

Do you blame Hargrove for his crazy bullpen use?

Do you blame Bavasi for his crazy roster management?

Do you blame Putz for throwing the ball right over the middle of the plate?

Do you blame the pitching coach for never explaining to Putz that simply throwing fastball after fastball to fastball hitting teams is not a good idea?

Do you blame Nelson for a being a shell of his former self?

Do you blame...

There is plenty of blame. This is a bad team yet again. The Yanks should have an asterick next to their winning streak.*

* Warning. This streak is comprised of mainly beating up on the Bad News Mariners.

Perhaps our next manager will be Billy Bob Thornton.