Mariners Analysis

Monday, May 30, 2005

Stop it with the trading Boone garbage...

Just a quick plea- will sports writers and M's fans stop talking about trading Boone this summer? We went through this last year, and I was really hoping people could remember how it works. It's really simple, just remember:

Boone has NO trade value.

Why would any team trade for the most expensive 2nd baseman in baseball who is struggling at the plate and is declining in the field with seemingly every game?

Answer- They wouldn't.

Sure, if the M's want to package Boone for some other struggling player and are willing to eat his salary, then they could move him. But it is hard to see how that is helping the M's.

Meche and Piniero have SOME trade value. Both Boone brothers have NO trade value.

It's really quite simple.