Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Swept by Yanks

I guess I am going to have a problem with Hargrove regarding his bullpen use all season. Much like Melvin last year, we have a manager who seemingly has no concept or regard for long relief. With Moyer pitching his worst game of the year, isn't this exactly what Ron Villone is for?? What Franklin should be doing?? Instead of using a pitcher who can give you many innings, he brings in Thornton.

We all know Thornton's story. He is a high risk, high reward pitcher. He walks way too many people, but has the ability to strike out hitters. He is okay for short appearances, provided you are ready to accept the risk he blows up.

When he replaces Moyer so early in the game, what is Hargrove's plan? Suddenly expect Thornton to give you 5 innings? To bring in a new pitcher every inning and burn up your pen? It simply makes no sense.

It really makes no sense if you are watching the game. Thornton's commmand was terrible, which should have been all Hargrove needed to see. Let Thornton give you his inning, then go to Shiggy or whomever. Instead Hargrove leaves him out there, and the Yanks take advantage.

Look, I'm not saying the M's would have won the game with different bullpen usage. The team is playing terrible right now. But frankly, Hargrove's use of Nelson and Thornton in NY didn't help matters. This team needs all the help it can get, and Hargrove is not doing his job IMO with regards to his bullpen.