Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Thoughts on last nights game

Let me start out by saying I was glad to be able to actually WATCH most of last nights game. For the past week it has been hard to even sit through a game, as the M's have been so bad they make it hard to justify 3 hours of my time. Last night we had Randy Johnson, decent hitting and good pitching- good entertainment, even if the bad guys won.

A few thoughts on the game-

  • Why is Willie playing in Center? I understand Reed may be overmatched by Randy, and the whole Lefty/Righty thing, but putting Willie in center is still a bad move. Willie's numbers this year are terrible. His defense is not as good as Reed's in center. You have downgraded your offense and defense by playing Willie. Why add to the automatic out count?
  • Why is Boone batting 5th? I'm sure I'm not the only one who was puzzled last night. After reading Hargrove's comments he has one lineup for the AL, and one lineup for Randy, I'm still puzzled. I'd rather see him decisively make a move than do this juggling act. And back to comment #1, if you have a Randy lineup, have you actually looked at who you are putting out there?
  • Why is Nelson pitching last night? I'm guessing Hargrove felt the veteran Nelson would be a good fit to pitch in a tight game at Yankee stadium. In reality, putting in your worst reliever in a close game at Yankee stadium when you have plenty of alternatives is a terrible move. I stopped watching after he was put in- I know it is bad, but it was so predictable I didn't need to waste my time watching Nelson blow the game and Rivera slam the door.
  • Overall the M's pitched well, but a bad manager decision helped put the game away.

Okay, so Hargrove continues to make moves I don't like. I'm not trying to be the fan who always criticizes moves after they are made, but his moves look bad before, during and after. It's not second guessing- I was yelling at the TV before Nelson threw his first pitch.

Oh well, I guess Bavasi and Hargrove really didn't care if they beat Johnson in NY.