Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Thumbs up on Morse move

It appears the FO is not getting too excited over the current 3 game winning streak. While some people are looking at the standings and trying to find rays of hope, the fact is beating Tampa twice and hanging on to take the first game from Toronto is not really a "streak."

The current team does not have the talent to compete on a day to day basis, especially against good clubs. You simply cannot have automatic outs at SS and catcher and expect the rest of the hitters to make up for it. Calling Morse up is an easy move. He won't give you any less than our current Valdez-Bloomie pairing, and there is always a chance he could show glimmers of a future. Given that the M's have no future shortstop, why not let me him play?

The fact is we wouldn't have seen this club make a move like this last year until at least late June or July. It is actually a very good sign that Bavasi is not afraid to reach into his minor league system and try to shake things up.

This club is really pretty bad right now. Players are either underperforming or simply shouldn't be playing major league baseball, and changes need to happen sooner rather than later.

What's next?

Trade Piniero? Would he even pass another teams physical? Bavasi should be looking into interest from other clubs.

Meche? Surely teams still in the hunt will look at Meche and be willing to offer some decent talent in return. Getting a catcher is an obvious priority.

How about Eddie? If the M's are willing to eat some salary, a team in desperate need of bullpen help would be willing to give up a prospect.

Winn? An older version of Reed, and very expendable.

Boone? No chance!!