Mariners Analysis

Monday, May 16, 2005

Yankees come to town

The Yankees have been getting a lot of press for beating up on the AL West cellar-dwellers. The A's and M's have been very kind to the Yanks, who are now back to .500 at 19-19 and have quieted Mt. Steinbrenner for the time being.

With Sele taking the mound tonight, you have to wonder how much longer the M's FO can put up with another terrible performance. The Yanks are red hot, and Sele has been getting torched. This has all the makings of a blowout. I'm sure Sele is aware of how important these next couple of starts are for him, so it should be interesting to see how he responds. I'm guessing Tino goes deep again.

The move to put Pineiro down to Tacoma can best be described as "interesting." They are sending him down to Tacoma, but don't want him to pitch in any games. Instead he will work on his mechanics. Why this couldn't be done in Seattle is not really explained, and why Jorge is not replacing him is also a mystery.

The move to put Mateo in the starting lineup is a good idea. He has been throwing the ball extremely well this year, and given the limited choices Hargrove has at least it shows them trying something. Many feel Mateo immediately becomes one of the best starters in the rotation, which is both sad and probably accurate.

So lots to look for in the Yankees series. Can Tino continue his unreal hitting? Can Sele make a decent start? How will Mateo pitch? Can Moyer bounce back? Can anyone explain the Pineiro move? Can the M's take two of three from the Yanks?

Go M's!