Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 13, 2005

Eddie to Boston?

With the Red Sox looking for bullpen help, trading Eddie would seem to make sense for both clubs. Seattle has Soriano on the horizon, as well as Putz.

The real question is what would Boston be willing to send to Seattle- Boston Globe

"Eddie Guardado of the Mariners is a potential expensive alternative, though Epstein is not apt to part with any of his elite prospects for a reliever, especially when closer Keith Foulke (nine scoreless appearances in his last 11) is showing signs of coming around."

Of course Eddie is not our only reliever Boston might show an interest. Shiggy? Thornton? It's a call I'd make if I was Bavasi.

It's clear the recent series win streak was a mirage. Sure the team played better, but as it's presently constructed, it's simply not a playoff caliber team. Not even a .500 team, so adding veterans is a poor choice.

Morse and Rivera have surprised a few people. Perhaps the M's FO will notice you don't have to always trade for veterans to provide a lift for a struggling club.