Mariners Analysis

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Felix stinks... 90 losses guaranteed?

Felix in his last three starts has been awful.

The team really needed a strong start, as taking at least 2 of three might have invigorated the team, as well as show Felix is capable of stopping losing streaks. When the team needed him to step up, he wilted. His fastball was all over the place, he was overthrowing trying to compensate for his lack of command... the Yankees feasted on plates left up and over... and in comes Joel Pineiro to try and save the day. What an ugly game for M's fans last night.

A look at the schedule shows 90 losses is guaranteed. The odds the team wins 16 or more games to prevent this from happening is looking less and less likely. With teams like Boston, Anaheim, Texas, Oakland littering the schedule... oh, let's not forget Chicago and the White Sox... the only "easy" part of the schedule would appear to be KC and Tampa. The rest will be teams with winning records and playoff hopes.

A collapse seems more likely than a strong September. Combined with callups and poor morale, this team could hit 100 losses easier than you think. At this point I think 90 losses is all but guaranteed, and 100 is not out of the question.

Of course sports is not easily predictable. If it was, we'd all be in Vegas right now placing our bets and becoming millionaires. There is a chance this team rallies and rips of 10 wins in a row. A chance the young kids inspire the team and they hang tough the rest of the way. A chance Hargrove reverses his recent history and pushes this team to finish strong.

I'm still a fan, and I'm still cheering for this team, but I really believe we have to be honest and expect September to be really, really rough.

It would be nice to see them avoid 90 losses, but I don't think it will happen.