Mariners Analysis

Monday, August 21, 2006

Mariners collide with Yankees

So we have the hottest team in baseball coming to our little town, and the M's are playing their worst baseball of the season. While the Yankees just destroyed Boston in taking all five games, the M's were setting a major league record in futility against division opponents.

Should we even play these games, and just tell the Yankees to add 3 in the win column and save us the trouble? Or will the Yankees be so flat after the Boston Massacre Part Deux the Mariners will actually win a few games?

Hard to say, but the most amazing development of the weekend happened when we heard Moyer was traded to Philadelphia.

If you are a Mariner BASEBALL fan, as opposed to someone who just goes to the ballpark and laughs at the commercials, this was the best trade the Mariners made all year.

First of all, you get rid of Moyer. Outside of Safeco, he's been awful. How long can you continue to run out a starter who gets killed when he's outside of his home park? Not long if you hope to compete for the playoffs.

Second, you quit paying a bunch of money to do it. Moyer is a #5 starter making more like #3 money. That money can be used elsewhere.

Third, you rid yourself the temptation to resign next year. Seattle has permanently cut ties to Moyer. These means we don't need to continue to speculate on what the M's will do with him next year. He is gone gone.

Fourth, you free up his spot to see what you have in your system. It is possible a young kid could open eyes this year and gain consideration for next spring.

And finally, we are reminded this team is really trying to get better. It would be easy to stick with Moyer all season and then decide on his status next year after you see who is available in free agency. But that would be the wrong approach.

This team needs to make hard decisions, regardless of what the casual fan might or might not do. Winning will bring the fans. Sticking with popular but no longer effective stars is not the long term strategy for success.

Ichiro NEEDS to play center if it helps the team, even when it disrupts his personal comfort zone.

The team NEEDS to ditch Pineiro in the offseason.

The team NEEDS to dump Hargrove asap.

The team NEEDS to develop a plan on what to do when you call up a player (Jones).

The team NEEDS to start Bloomquist in rare/emergency purposes.

I loved watching Moyer pitch. To see someone get through a game with a 82 mph fastball was a joy to watch. He's my favorite Mariner pitcher of all time.

Yet it was time to move on. I only wished he had accepted the trade last year, as I questioned his logic at the time.

Goodbye Jamie, I wish you great success.

Now the team has more pressing issues to address.