Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rafael Soriano

I'm sure everyone watching had the same reaction- a sick feeling after watching Raffy get beaned last night. Instantly I didn't care who won the game, and the good feeling after seeing Snelling hit two home runs was gone.

I was pretty sure things were going to be fine, as I could tell he was in pain, but felt that was actually a good sign. Seeing a player moving in pain told me they were awake, and had full motor function. If he dropped like a rock and didn't move, I would have feared the worst.

We should know more today of course on his condition. Assuming the report comes back clean, so to speak, the next issue will be mental. Can he take the mound with full confidence, or will he develop a flinch or change his delivery?

Putting him on the 15 DL would be prudent. Plenty thought he should have been shutdown for health reasons anyway, so he may not pitch again this season.

Of course if he bounces back and in a week says he wants to pitch, that may not be a bad thing. Get him back on the mound before you make it an even bigger deal in his head.

Let's hope the smile returns quickly.