Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We may never understand Hargrove

Last night when I saw Snelling being replaced by T.J. Bohn I was torn- do I jump up and down and scream at the TV, or do I shake my head at the mysterious lump that resides on Hargrove's body? I didn't know if I should be upset or amazed the man gets dressed every day.

We all know the situation. Snelling is a huge question mark for the team. He provides something they desperately need. He is cheap, hits the ball hard, he takes walks, he's a product of the farm system. He is so important you asked Ichiro to move to CF to accommodate his try out, hoping he stay's injury free.

Since he's called up, Snelling's been a breath of fresh air. You would think Hargrove would be worshiping the ground the guy walks on. For a manager fighting to save his job, watching a batter actually work the count, making the pitcher throw him something he doesn't want to, actually acting like a major league hitter... we all love the kid.

We have previously assumed Hargrove was watching these games. Hasn't he noticed how Bloomquist has been playing? How he hits lofts downy-soft liners to the outfield, generally in the 1st or 2nd pitch he sees, and that's when he gets it out of the infield. Snelling has simply been fantastic since he got here. He is so much better than Jones, Bloomquist etc... he's already being trotted out as the #2 hitter in the lineup.

So T.J. Bohn gets called up and Hargrove treats him like he's a new toy. Never played in the big leagues? Never helped a major league team stop an 11-game losing streak? Never faced the Yankees before in a close game? No problem, let's shove you out there and see how you do!

Sure Hargrove made at least 3 other boneheaded moves at the end of the game, but this was the most upsetting. I wanted to see Snelling play!