Mariners Analysis

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Christmas did not come early

With the official news today that Hargrove is coming back, it seems the wish of many Mariners fans will not come true. We had been teased by a few hardcore bloggers that claimed inside information that Hargrove was gone, but it looks like Bavasi is tied to the hip and it is a package deal.

Any fan who watched this season can tell Hargrove cost this team wins. From giving WFB half a season of at-bats, Everett, Piniero etc... the impact was real and easily seen.

It will be harder to be excited for '07 with the news he is coming back.

The M's better have a killer winter to generate any serious fan interest for next season.

The Mariner Front Office just started off the 2007 season on the wrong foot...