Mariners Analysis

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rohn and Hassey

Hard to make of these firings without more information.

For example, let's say Hargrove was told he wasn't coming back. He might want to give his good buddy Hassey a head start on looking for work, but couldn't divulge his own status.

Or maybe Hargrove is making a pre-emptive stike and is clearing his staff, promising changes to keep his job.

We just don't know. I think it is strange they would do this right before the end of the season, but not shocking. Perhaps Rohn was second guessing many of the decisions (it wouldn't be hard) and was not being a "team" player. Essentially being shown the door indicates something was serious enough to make this move immediately. We may never know what happened, but usually this stuff leaks out after time.

None of this is worth getting too worked up until we see what other changes are up. We know plenty more are in the works.

Normally the changes happen at the top. GM finds out his status. Then the manager. Then the staff. Then the players.

This was is happening "in the middle." Let's just hope Hargrove is going to be joining his friend in the unemployment line soon.