Mariners Analysis

Monday, October 23, 2006

Jamie Moyer signing

A few thoughts on the Moyer signing.

1) Thank goodness he didn't sign in Seattle. This removes entirely the possibility M's management tinkers with the idea of filling holes next year with a 43 year old pitcher. It's not what Seattle needs to be doing, and this eliminates this scenario.
2) Rethink prices this winter. We as fans forget how much money is in this game. We will need to recalculate what pitchers like Meche are going to get, including pitchers we actually want.
3) The M's have tried to hold payroll fairly steadily over the past few years. They may find they need to raise it just to keep up.

Jamie is a .500 pitcher who will turn 45 when this deal ends. And yet he still found a team willing to pay him $5 million a year to play for them.

If only we were in an industry where the average player will be making $3 mil/yr very shortly.