Mariners Analysis

Monday, October 02, 2006

Season ends, playoffs begin

With the Mariner season over, Joe Buck and the Fox sports team gear up to bring us post season baseball. Regardless of who you want to win, recent history has shown there will some truly amazing moments/games to look forward to. Remembering Arizona down to their final 3 outs against the Yankees, the bloody sock, the Marlins coming from nowhere, the Angels and their crazy fans, leaving Pedro in the game... we can be assured something interesting will happen.

Now some could argue there are two dominant scenarios for the playoffs.

The first scenario sees the Yankees steamroll their way through the playoffs and again win a World Series. With one of the greatest lineups put together in years, perhaps everyone else is simply playing for second place. In this scenario, the Yankees roll as expected over the Tigers and Twins/A's, and are huge favorites against anything the NL can produce.

The second scenario looks at the success the Wild Card has had in recent years and argues we have no idea who will win. Just because you won the most games during the year doesn't translate to WS rings, goes the argument. (I think most Mariner fans remember this too well...)

So what will happen in the post season is anyones guess. The scrappy underdog isn't really represented this year. There is no Marlins, Brewers, Royals type of team that has no business being in the playoffs. The Mets and Yankees have the highest payrolls in each league, and also carry home-field advantage courtesy of the best records money can buy. I guess they are the Goliath's this year, and everyone else plays David.

Now let's get all the Manager firings out of the way today and let's see if the Yankees All-Star at every position is going to get it done!