Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ichiro and Matthews

So if Gary Matthews is worth $10 million a year, and Randy Winn not far behind, what does this make Ichiro worth when his contract expires next year? Seriously, the Mariners do not want to let Ichiro test the market. I can't even imagine what kind of contract the Mariners CF would attract this year if he was on the market.

The FO's decision to sit on their hands when it comes to Ichiro has cost them a small fortune. If I was his agent I wouldn't let him sign for less than $15 million a year after this insane spending spree.

Also, we always talk about how deep the Angels system is, yet it's surprising they have to shell out this kind of money to a guy who had one good year. The only way they will be able to support this contract is if a lot of those rookies are making the minimum the next few years.