Mariners Analysis

Friday, November 10, 2006

No way Boston bid $45 mil for Matsuzaka

The hot rumor of the day is Boston supposedly winning the biding war for Matsuzaka with a bid between $38 and $45 million. When ESPN is listing it on their home page, it tends to add some weight to the story.

Anyone who follows blogs for very long learns to be suspicious when a rumor like this comes along. Are we really to believe the wonder kids in Boston suddenly are willing to part with $45 million just to TALK with Boras about a pitcher?? This goes against EVERYTHING clubs like Oakland and Boston believe in. Are we really ready to believe the Boston front office is ready to bet their next 4-5 years on one player? Because even Boston can't compete with the Yankees if they are throwing around that kind of money for a guy who might blowout his elbow his first start.

I obviously have no inside information on this story, but you should be VERY leery about much of this information. It sounds like the kind of story that is made to grab headlines, not worry about facts. Other stories they might have considered-

"Barry Bonds signs $253 million deal with Kansas City", "Zito signs with Expo's", "A-Rod traded to Milwaukee", "Alfonso Soriano wants $18 million total, not per year"

I really doubt the Yankees didn't win this "bid" and I really don't think Theo Epstein just spent $45 million according to ESPN. We should know more shortly...