Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We all had a bad feeling about Snelling

Every move/rumor this off season has made us wonder about Chris Snelling's role on the team. It seemed the brass was just looking for an excuse to not use him. Instead of viewing '06 as a huge success (finally healthy) the M's FO viewed him as a pariah.

Out of options, the M's were going to be forced to play him in 2007, but the mental juggernaut of Bavasi and Hargrove apparently felt they couldn't rely on Chris next year. Combined with Bavasi's win now or likely never smell the FO of a MLB team again position, he panicked.

It's possible Bavasi is planning on a major trade shortly, involving Lopez or Beltre. It seems unlikely, but possible.

On its own, it goes down as one of the worst trades in Mariner history. I wouldn't want Vidro on my team for ZERO prospects, much less Chris Snelling. Vidro is a terrible defender, aging and expensive.

I see a few people trying to justify this move. I'm not sure you understand baseball if you think this move is logical.

This move is like trading Carlos Guillen for Jeff Cirillo.

It's like dumping Eva Green for Paris Hilton.

It's like arguing the new Star Wars movies are better than the originals.

It's like arguing Tiger Woods is going to change the world.

It's like arguing George Bush understands foreign policy and fiscal responsibility.

It's just dumb.

What else is there to say?