Mariners Analysis

Friday, January 05, 2007

M's sign Chris Reitsma

So let's review the Bavasi plan.

Give someone a dollar.

Get back fifty cents.

Take loan out for twenty-five cents at high interest.

Then? Show everybody in the neighborhood how cool you are because you have 3 shiny new quarters.

Bavasi is seemingly going out of his way to make the present M's older and more expensive. I guess to Bill it's a plus when they are coming back from a serious injury. This team is literally being downgraded before our eyes. What was once a strength 7 months ago (bullpen) is now below league average.

The only good news to these deals is the new GM won't have to tolerate them for long.

Oh, and as for Reitsma? I doubt he's even on the team in September.

Another great Bavasi move. <-------sarcasm alert