Mariners Analysis

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Four Days

As we get closer to Opening day, the story of spring training seems to be Mike Hargrove.

With the tag line, "what will he do next?"

From the PI today:
"It's the bad side of this job, having to do this, especially at this time of spring," manager Mike Hargrove said. "Jeremy was one of the tougher ones I've ever had to do. It's not fun, but we all thought it was the right thing to do."

Hargrove is making so many questionable moves, it's hard to imagine there is a "we" behind them. That would seem to imply there is a group of like-minded individuals who think like Hargrove.

Who think Ordonez should make the roster.
Who think Morrow is ready.
Who think the M's have a solid bench.
Who think 12 pitchers is a good idea.
Who thinks Bloomie is the best utility man in baseball.

We could go on, but the single worst decision Bavasi ever made was bringing back Hargrove this year and it looks worse and worse with every passing day. Every decision Hargrove makes impacts this organization, and the list gets longer by the day. I don't want to start off the season by having no faith in our manager, but what choice do I have? Are there actually Hargrove-believers out there?